Hi there!

I’m glad you’re reading this right now, happy actually.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it 🙂 . 



All the things you see in life, every interesting, or stupid thing you’ve done. All the experiences, the good and bad ones. Not all of them you remember, but some you do. Sometimes your head can explode from all the thoughts that you are having at a certain moment. That’s just the reason why I started blogging. But not always for that reason, no, also to inspire others and clear my head from all the impressive things I saw. And I really like to do that. Because it’s my passion and I like to share my ideas. So I hope you will like all my posts and get inspired most the time. For my blogposts about fashion and DIY’s click here, for the posts about drinks & food click here to see them. Enjoy!

Free Mind

Why “free mind”? That’s what I mean with sharing everything you want to share. Especially when it helps you to create new ideas. The reason why I’m blogging actually. To free my mind from everything to create new ideas.

If you would like to see my blogposts click here.


The purpose of this blog is to help you out when you’re like blank. Like a white paper, with nothing on it. What I mean to say is: If you don’t know what to wear or what to make I will solve your problem. That’s my purpose; inspiring you.



So my clothes. They don’t grow with me, unfortunatly… Too bad of course, but shopping isn’t a drama. It’s really really nice. But what am I going to do with my old clothes? There are like three options: 

1: Bring them to a shop in exchange for a sale voucher.

2: Sell them @UnitedWardrobe.

3: Sell them on a market.

The second thing, is the most usted one. And it’s nice to do it, because you make other people happy with your old clothes and get something for yourself too. A benefit for the buyer and the seller. Perfect!


If you’re intereseted in my United Wardrobe, then click this link: https://unitedwardrobe.com/nl/user/553455/closet