A purpose is a hard thing to mention, especially when it’s to big to accomplish it by yourself. My purpose is getting the world greener, in all aspects: Throwing away less clothes, being aware of the electrical energy that I use, buy less stuff that isn’t needed and creating the constant awareness with the thought which products I’m buying.


The last point is one of the most important ones: Out a lot of researches seemed that a lot of people (especially in the supermarket) choose for the cheapest products. That’s logic, but a cheap product means that the farmers get underpaid. So, when you’re aware of the products (biologic, fair trade) the animals, farmers and the rest of the people who work to process the product gets a fair treatment for their work, what makes them more happy. For ‘fair trade’ clothes it’s even more important: There comes a lot of CO2 looking at developing clothes. BUT if the clothes are organic, fair trade, biologic, etc.. you know that it helps to get the world a little greener. And every little thing helps to get the big goal.


That’s a part of my bigger goal, but what is your goal in life?